Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 454


Greek text:   IG_2².1225
Date:     c. 250 B.C.
Tags:     pirates ,   walls+fortifications
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Herakleitos was also honoured in an Athenian decree ( Syll_401 ). The decree of Salamis mentions that he protected the island from pirate raids, which were probably associated with the revolt of Alexandros; see Souza, "Piracy in the Graeco-Roman World", page 5 ( Google Books ).

Proposed by Chairedemos of Kolonai, the son of Epicharinos: since Herakleitos of Athmonon, the son of Asklepiades, when he was in the retinue of king Antigonos, continually said and did what he considered to be beneficial to the people of Salamis, and privately strove to assist those Salaminians who came to visit the king, so that they should not leave without achieving whatever was possible; and now Herakleitos, having been appointed by the king to be commander of the Peiraieus and the other fortresses which are grouped with the Peiraieus, takes great care that no harm shall be done to the country; and seeing that the walls of the island have collapsed, he has helped to arrange for them to be restored; and when the war with Alexandros broke out and pirates made raids from Epilimnion, he took every precaution that the country should suffer no damage, in all of which he acted according to the intentions of the king towards our people; and moreover when somebody was seized from the island and taken to our enemies, he ransomed him and punished the wrongdoers, thus making clear that he would not allow property in the city and the countryside to be abused by wrongdoers; and both in public and privately he provides for whatever any of the Salaminians needs, and in other respects he continually does what is beneficial to the Salaminians, both in private and publicly; therefore, with good fortune it is resolved by the Salaminian people [to praise] Herakleitos of Athmonon, the son of Asklepiades . . .

inscription 455

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