Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 363


Greek text:   Ephesos_58   ( I.Eph. 2001 )
Date:     c. 297 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Ainetos was the general placed in command of Ephesos by Demetrios ( Polyaen_5.19 ); he co-operated with the Ephesians to assist some exiles from Priene who were fighting against their tyrant Hieron ( Syll_599.F ). The Ephesians raised money to help the exiles by a limited sale of citizenhip; see A.Chaniotis in "Epigraphical Approaches to the Post-Classical Polis", page 101 ( Google Books ).

. . . after hearing the decree of the citizens from Priene, those in the camp {charax} . . . announced that they would continue to guard the fort . . . but later they sent a delegation to the Ephesian people and asked them to give them weapons and money for the defence of the fort, saying that if they were able by themselves, they would protect the camp and the fort, but if they were not able, they would accept a force from the people, which could join in guarding the fort; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people, to praise the citizens from Priene who are in the camp, because they have retained their faith and goodwill towards their allies, and they continue to speak and act in accordance with their pre-existing friendship with us; and to give them weapons and money; and so that the means exists to achieve this, and nothing hinders the defence of the place . . . to make them citizens upon payment of six minas, free men of free descent, not more than ten . . . upon receiving the money, the essenes and the councillors assigned to the affairs of Priene shall . . . repay to those who are guarding the fort; and to praise Ainetos because, concerning the matters which the generals and councillors discussed with him, that he should take care of the men who are in the camp and not allow the fort to fall into other hands, firstly he promised to do everything to protect them and now he is reported to lack nothing in eagerness and determination; and to praise the mercenaries who are in the camp - those of them that wish may become citizens according to the terms of this decree, and their names shall be inscribed . . .

inscription 364

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