Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 342


Greek text:   IG_2².498
Date:     303/2 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Medeios was a member of an influential Thessalian family who served as a senior naval officer under Antigonos and Demetrios from at least 313 B.C. until after the death of Antigonos; for a summary of his career, see R.A.Billows, "Antigonos the One-eyed and the Creation of the Hellenistic State", pp.400-401 ( Google Books ).

When [Leostratos] was archon, in the [twelfth] prytany of the [Aiantis tribe, with Diophantos of Phegous, the son of Dionysodoros, as secretary; on the 6th day of Skirophorion, which was the 8th day] of the prytany, in full assembly; . . . of Sphettos, the son of Philotimos, and the other presidents put it to the vote on behalf of the presidents; it is resolved by the people, as proposed by Philostratos of Kephisia, the son of Philostratos: since Medeios previously, while he was staying with king Antigonos, said and did what was most beneficial to the kings and the Athenian people; and when he accompanied the king's son Demetrios, who was sent by king Antigonos to liberate the city and the other Greeks, he was helpful and well-disposed towards the safety of the people, and at all times he continually said and did what was beneficial to the city . . .

inscription 343

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