Sylloge Inscriptionum Graecarum: 327


Greek text:   IG_2².467
Date:     306/5 B.C.
Tags:     freedom
Format:   see key to translations

Athens claimed that the Lamian War was fought "on behalf of the freedom of the Greeks", but it is not clear how the allied Greek cities co-ordinated their action. It has been suggested on the basis of this inscription that there was a council (synedrion) of the allies, with one delegate from each city, but there is no other evidence to confirm that.

Nearly eighty years later, Timosthenes' grandson requested the renewal of the honours granted in this decree ( Syll_496 ).

When Koroibos was archon, in the prytany of . . ., on the proposal of Diotimos [of Euonymon], the son of Diopeithes: since Timosthenes, the proxenos [of the Athenian people], has remained friendly and well-disposed towards the Athenian people, and previously during [the war] that the Athenian people [fought against Antipatros on behalf of the freedom of] the Greeks, when he was sent as an adviser to the camp [of the Athenians] and their allies, he strove . . . saying and doing what was beneficial [to the Athenians] and the Karystians; and he continued to act as a friend of the Athenian people . . . those arriving at Karystos . . . in the council of the Karystians he said and did what was beneficial to his homeland and the Athenian people; and when [Kassandros] marched against Attica, he came to the aid of the people . . . willingly; therefore with good fortune it was resolved by the people to praise Timosthenes the son of Demophanes on account of the virtue and goodwill that he has continually displayed towards the Athenian people, and to crown him [with a golden crown of 1,000] drachmas . . .

inscription 328

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