Select Papyri, 2.431


Greek text:   SB 4.7438
Date: Middle of 6th cent. A.D.

The admirable Dioscorus who delivers this letter of mine to your renowned eminence is a native of the Thebaid. Being wronged, as he says, by certain persons there he came to this royal city with a report of the damage thereby caused, and having made supplication to our most pious master he obtained a divine letter addressed to your humanity. Rightly conceiving that his only sure help lies in the support of your justice he seeks to obtain this from you and he has asked for this letter to you about his case. I know that without any request from me your eminence deals justice both to him and to all others. But I beg you to see that some more than usual attention be bestowed upon the admirable Dioscorus, so that I may appear to have been of service to him and you again may receive a much increased reward from the Lord God.

papyrus 432

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