Select Papyri, 2.414A


  Greek text:   SB_6.9367-4
Date:   187 B.C. 

This letter, which was not in the original collection, has been translated by W. Clarysse, "The great revolt of the Egyptians (205–186 BC)", text 5 ( PDF ).


Antiochos to Apollonios, greetings.   As was ordered by Protarchos the governor of the Thebaid and Harendotes the royal scribe, we have loaded from the granary in the Pathyrite nome, in order to transport it to the granary in Syene for rations of the soldiers at this place, into the Hakoris–boat of Hare…, on which Harmiysis is captain and which has a capacity of 700 artabas, from the harvest of the 18th year, 600 artabas of clean wheat, measured with the measure of 29 choinikes, which is calibrated to the bronze measure . . . Help in receiving all this and write to Lysimachos, the head of the granary.   Farewell, Year 18, Pachon 22.

{Addressed} To the sitologos of the place.

{Docketed} Of Pathyrite wheat, 600 artabas.

{Addressed} To Apollonios.

papyrus 415

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