Select Papyri, 2.361


Greek text: POxy 1626
Date:   A.D. 325.

Aurelius Alois son of Choous and Aurelius Heracles son of Pudens and their associates, all decani from the village of Paneuei, with Ptolemaeus son of Ptolemaeus, headman of the same village, as surety for payment of the wages eventually earned, and Aurelius Heracleides son of Scylacius, superintendent of animals which are being sent to Babylon for the Imperial visit, mutually agree, the decani that they have contracted with the superintendent that he should take the single post of an attendant" of the said animals from the 8th of the present month of Pauni, the superintendent receiving from the decani for wages two thousand drachmas a day. And the superintendent forthwith acknowledges that he has received from the decani as two months' wages from the said 8th twenty talents of silver, and he shall receive from the said decani the amount eventually earned up to the termination of his duties as superintendent. And it is acknowledged that I, Ptolemaeus, am to provide the salary eventually payable, in order to render the decani free from molestation, annoyance, or loss in what concerns the said office of attendant. This contract, written in duplicate, is valid, and in answer to the formal question they have given their consent. In the consulship of Paulinus and Julianus the most illustrious, Pauni 1.

{Signed}   We, the Aurelii Alois and Heracles, agree to all the aforesaid, and in answer to the formal question we have given our consent. I, Aurelius Ptolemaeus, am surety as aforesaid, and I have written for them also as they are illiterate.

papyrus 362

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