Select Papyri, 2.360


Greek text: POxy 896
Date:   A.D. 316.

To Valerius Ammonianus also called Gerontius, logistes of the Oxyrhynchite nome, from Aurelius Artemidorus son of Arsinous, of the illustrious and most illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus, a painter by profession. In accordance with the request of your grace for an estimate of the places which require painting in the public bath of the said city, now auspiciously under repair, at the warm baths of Trajanus Hadrianus, I declare that for the painting of the places which require it, comprising the two cold baths, and one round bathroom, and the man-high entrances and exits of the whole colonnade, and four ante-chambers in the outer colonnade, and the other places, I require for the cost of pigments . . . thousand denarii of silver and as painter's fee for the whole work ten thousand denarii of silver ; and this I report. In the consulship of Caecinius Sabinus and Vettius Rufinus the most illustrious. . . .

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Artemidorus, have presented this report. I, Aurelius . . , wrote for him, as he is illiterate.

papyrus 361

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