Select Papyri, 2.353


Greek text: PTeb 294
Date:   A.D. 146.

Copy. To Tiberius Claudius Justus, administrator of the private account, from Pakebkis son of Marsisouchus, exempted priest of the famous temple of Soknebtunis also called Cronus and the most great associated gods, which is situated in the village of Tebtunis in the division of Polemon in the Arsinoite nome. I wish to purchase the office of prophet in the aforesaid temple, which has been offered for sale for a long time, on the understanding that I shall . . . and carry the palm-branches and perform the other functions of the office of prophet and receive in accordance with the orders the fifth part of all the revenue which falls to the temple, at the total price of 2200 drachmas instead of the 640 drachmas offered long ago by Marsisouchus son of Pakebkis, which sum I will pay, if my appointment is ratified, into the local public bank at the customary dates ; and I and my descendants and successors shall have the permanent ownership and possession of this office for ever with all the same privileges and rights, on payment (by each one) of 200 drachmas for admission. If therefore it seem good to you, my lord, you will ratify my appointment here in the city upon these terms and write to the strategos of the nome about this matter, in order that the due services of the gods who love you may be performed. The 5th share of the proceeds of the revenues which falls to me, as aforesaid, after deducting expenses is 50 artabas of wheat, 95/8 artabas of lentils, 60 drachmas of silver. Farewell. The 10th year of the Emperor Caesar Titus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Tubi 10.

papyrus 354

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