Select Papyri, 2.352


Greek text:   PAmh 92
Date:   A.D. 162-163.

To Claudianus, nomarch of the Arsinoite nome, from Marcus Anthestius Capitolinus. I wish to be granted by you, for the present third year only of Antoninus and Verus the lords Augusti , the right to retail all the oil in one factory at the village of Heraclea in the division of Themistes, and I undertake to pay to the account of the monopoly for the whole year a total sum of eighty drachmas of silver and eighty obols, payment of which I will make in equal monthly instalments, the fiscal charges payable to other accounts being borne by me, Anthestius Capitolinus. I will have no partner or servant who has worked for the monopoly, and I will give for a licence for two horses the sum prescribed by custom, you having the right to make a fresh lease with other persons whenever you choose, if you agree to let the concession.

papyrus 353

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