Select Papyri, 2.350


Greek text:   PFay 36
Date:   A.D. 111-112.

To Philon and Sabinus, superintendents of brick in the nome, from Sanesneus son of Orseus, of the village of Narmouthis in the division of Polemon. If I am granted, for the duration only of the present 15th year of the Emperor Caesar Nerva Trajanus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus, the concession of making and selling bricks, with liberty to transfer it to others, for the village of Kerkethoeris in the said division with its farmsteads and plains, I undertake to pay as rent 80 drachmas of silver and the additional charges and one per cent taxes and auction fees, which sum I will deliver in equal monthly instalments from Sebastus to Caesareus, if the grant is approved. Sanesneus, aged 60, with a scar on the left knee. I, Castor, public scribe, have made the description of him, as he stated that he was illiterate.

papyrus 351

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