Select Papyri, 2.344


Greek text: POxy 2124
Date:   A.D. 316.

To Aurelius Heras also called Dionysius, praepositus of the 8th pagus of the Oxyrhynchite nome, from the Aurelii Heracleius son of Pekoous and Jacob son of Horion and Thonis son of Hatres, all three having been collectors of corn at the village of Dositheou in the past 9th which = the 7th year. We present and report at our own risk for the office of collector of corn at the said village of the produce of the 10th which = the 8th year for the private impost the persons specified below, being well-to-do and suitable for this service. They are the Aurelii The . . . son of Diogas, . . . son of Dionysius Aurelius Heracleius son of Pekoous the aforesaid, of the said village. In the consulship of Caecinius Sabinus and Vettius Rufinus the most illustrious. Presented by us the Aurelii Heracleius, Thonis, and Jacob. I, Aurelius Theodorus, wrote for them, as they are illiterate.

papyrus 345

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