Select Papyri, 2.338


Greek text: PTeb 293
Date:   About A.D. 187.

From Cronion son of Pakebkis son of Harpocration, deputy prophet, and from Maron son of Cronion son of Harpocration, and Maron son of Maron son of Marepsemis, and Pakebkis son of Cronion son of Psoiphis, all three priests, all four from the famous exempted temple of the village of Tebtunis. With regard to the application presented to you by Marepsemis son of Marsisouchus son of Harpocration, priest of the said temple, requesting that his son Panesis by Thenpakebkis daughter of Panesis should be circumcised, in reply to your inquiry whether he is of priestly descent and ought to be circumcised we declare, swearing by the fortune of Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, that he is in truth of priestly descent and that the vouchers submitted by him are genuine and that it is necessary for him to be circumcised because he cannot perform the sacred offices unless this is done ; otherwise may we incur the consequences of the oath. I, Cronion son of Pakebkis, have sworn the above oath, as aforesaid. I, Maron son of Maron, have also sworn, as aforesaid. I, Maron son of Cronion, have also sworn, as aforesaid.

papyrus 339

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