Select Papyri, 2.331


Greek text: POxy 83
Date:   A.D. 327.

To Flavius Thennyras, logistes of the Oxyrhynchite nome, from Aurelius Nilus son of Didymus, of the illustrious and most illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus, egg-seller by trade. I acknowledge, swearing the august, divine oath by our masters, both Emperor and Caesars, that I am to carry on the retailing of eggs in the market-place publicly, for the supply in retail of the said city, every day without intermission, and that it shall not be lawful for me in the future to sell secretly or in my house. If hereafter I should be detected selling in my house, . . . [In the consulship of . . .] the most illustrious, Tubi 21 .

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Nilus, have sworn the divine oath as aforesaid. I, Aurelius Dius, wrote for him, as he is illiterate.

papyrus 332

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