Select Papyri, 2.309


Greek text:   PFay 28
Date:   A.D. 150-151.

To Socrates and Didymus also called Tyrannus, scribes of the metropolis, from Ischyras son of Protas son of Mysthes, his mother being Tasoucharion daughter of Didas, of the quarter of Hermouthiace, and from his wife Thaisarion daughter of Amnionius son of Mysthes, her mother being Thaisas, of the said quarter of Hermouthiace. We register the son who was born to us, Ischyras, being one year of age in the present 14th year of Antoninus Caesar the lord. I therefore present this notification of subsequent birth. Ischyras, aged 44, without distinguishing marks. Thaisarion, aged 24, without distinguishing marks. Written for them by Ammonius, public scribe.

papyrus 310

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