Select Papyri, 2.283


Greek text:   PFay 106 L.6-25
Date:   About A.D. 140.

To Gaius Avidius Heliodorus, praefect of Egypt, from Marcus Valerius Gemellus, physician. Contrary to the prohibition I have been impressed as a superintendent of sequestrated property within the villages of Bacchias and Hephaestias in the division of Heracleides in the Arsinoite nome, and through labouring on this task for the last four years I have become quite impoverished, my lord ; wherefore I entreat you, my preserver, to have pity on me and order me now to be released from my task, in order that I may be able to recover from the effects of my labours, having at the same time appended precedents by which complete exemption from compulsory services is granted to persons practising the profession of medicine, especially to those who have been approved like myself, that so I may experience your benevolence. Farewell.

papyrus 284

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