Select Papyri, 2.268


Greek text:   PEnt 26
Date:   220 B.C.

To King Ptolemy greeting from Ctesicles. I am being wronged by Dionysius and my daughter Nicē. For though I had nurtured her, being my own daughter, and educated her and brought her up to womanhood, when I was stricken with bodily infirmity and my eyesight enfeebled she would not furnish me with any of the necessaries of life. And when I wished to obtain justice from her in Alexandria, she begged my pardon and in year 18 she gave me in the temple of Arsinoe Actia a written oath by the king that she would pay me twenty drachmas every month by means of her own bodily labour ; if she failed to do so or transgressed any of the terms of her bond, she was to forfeit to me 500 drachmas on pain of incurring the consequences of the oath. Now, however, corrupted by Dionysius, who is a comedian, she is not keeping any of her engagements to me, in contempt of my old age and my present infirmity. I beg you therefore, O king, not to suffer me to be wronged by my daughter and Dionysius the comedian who has corrupted her, but to order Diophanes the strategos to summon them and hear our case ; and if my words are true, let Diophanes deal with her corrupter as seems good to him and compel my daughter Nicē to yield me my rights. . . . For by this means I shall no longer be wronged, but having sought your protection, O king, I shall obtain justice.

{Docketed}   We have delegated . . .

{Endorsed}   Year 1, Gorpiaeus 30 Tubi 13. Ctesicles against Dionysius and Nicē his daughter concerning a written oath.

papyrus 269

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