Select Papyri, 2.262


Greek text:   PThead 15   ( PSakaon 31 )
Date:   A.D. 280-281.

The 6th year of our lord Marcus Aurelius Probus Augustus, in the Arsinoite nome, at the court. Isidorus, advocate, said : Artemis has appeared before you two months ago, and her sons, who are minors, are attending your court. This they do in consequence of the command of the most eminent praefect who has referred the case to you, in order that you may put a stop to an act of violence which we have several times placed on record in your minutes. For Syrion after the death of the boys' father cast a covetous eye on the animals left by their father, who was a shepherd, and seized them to the number of sixty ; and you, struck with indignation, commanded Syrion to produce the shepherds with whom the boys' father associated, both Aunes and his brother, in order that thus, if the facts were not disputed, the sheep should be restored to the children. But see how Syrion is behaving : he resists your commands and those of the praefect ; and therefore we now again call upon you to command at once that he be brought before you and made to surrender what he stole to the children. The representative (of Syrion) said : "Syrion has been dispatched on pressing business affecting the Treasury, but the moment he returns he will reply to the charges against him." Isidorus, advocate, said : What if he should flee from justice ? His excellency the epistrategos, Aurelius Heracleides, said : If you apply to me, I will fix a limit.

papyrus 263

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