Select Papyri, 2.255


Greek text: PRyl 94
Date:   A.D. 14-37.

Heracles son of Petesouchus, head of the weavers of Euhemeria, and Aphrodisius son of Asclepiades, secretary of the same weavers, to Heron, agent of Sotas, exegetes, greeting. We acknowledge that we have received from you on bail Apheus son of Apheus, Harpagathes son of Orsenouphis, Heras son of Orsenouphis, Melas son of Hergeus, and Heracles son of Apollonius, all five weavers of the said Euhemeria, and that it is incumbent on us to produce them to you whenever you choose, to answer the claims stated in the petition of Paninoutis son of Aphrodisius, woolworker. I, the aforesaid Aphrodisius, have written for Heracles, because he is illiterate. The . .th year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, Epeiph 18.

papyrus 256

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