Select Papyri, 2.248


Greek text: PTeb 303
Date:   A.D. 180.

To Theon also called Scy{ }, strategos of the divisions of Themistes and Polemon in the Arsinoite nome, from Cronion son of Pakebkis, Maron son of Cronion, Maron son of Maron, Panesis son of Marsisouchus, Panesis son of Onnophris, and Panesis son of . . ., all six in their own right exempted priests of the famous temple at the village of Tebtunis in the division of Polemon. Having a case against Cronion son of Sabinus concerning the offences which he committed against us, which we will specify at the appointed time, we beg that notice be given him through one of your attendants to appear at the assize to be auspiciously held by the most illustrious praefect Pactumeius Magnus. I, Cronion son of Pakebkis, have presented this. I, Maron son of Cronion, have joined in presenting it. I, Maron son of Maron, have joined in presenting it. I, Panesis son of Marsisouchus, have joined in presenting it. I, Panesis son of Onnophris, have joined in presenting it. . . .

papyrus 249

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