Select Papyri, 2.237


Greek text: POxy 1412
Date:   About A.D. 284.

Aurelius Eudaemon also called Helladius, formerly eutheniarch, cosmetes, exegetes, hypomnematographus, senator of the most illustrious city of Alexandria, ex-gymnasiarch, senator, prytanis in office of the illustrious and most illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus. The question of the transport of provisions for the most notle soldiers does not admit even a brief delay, and for this reason, and since letters from his excellency the dioiketes Aurelius Proteas, as well as from his excellency Ammonius, are urging us to see to this, and the boats to receive the supplies are already at the quay, it has become necessary to call an extraordinary general meeting of the senate at a suitable place, in order that a discussion may be held on this single subject and the obligatory services performed as quickly as possible. Accordingly in order that all, being informed of this, may willingly do their duty as senators to-day, which is the 15th, the letters are publicly exhibited. I have thought it right that you should know by this proclamation that I have instructed you, on being informed of the facts, to assemble promptly in view of the orders, there being no other subject to deal with at the present meeting, and elect by vote those who are to serve. The 2nd (?) year, (month) 15.

papyrus 238

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