Select Papyri, 2.230


Greek text: POxy 1411
Date:   A.D. 260.

From Aurelius Ptolemaeus also called Nemesianus, strategos of the Oxyrhynchite nome. Since the officials have assembled and accused the bankers of the banks of exchange of having closed these through their unwillingness to accept the divine coin of the Emperors, it has become necessary that an injunction should be issued to all the owners of the banks to open these and to accept and change all coin except what is clearly spurious and counterfeit, and not to them only, but to all who engage in business transactions of any kind whatever, understanding that if they disobey this injunction they will experience the penalties which in former years his highness the praefect ordained for their case. Signed by me. The 1st year, Hathur 28.

papyrus 231

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