Select Papyri, 2.229


Greek text: PTeb 288
Date:   A.D. 226.

Aurelius Sereniscus also called Hermesias, strategos of the divisions of Themistes and Polemon in the Arsinoite nome. An order is hereby given to the collectors of revenues from the cultivators and cleruchs for the 5th year to follow the auspiciously proceeding survey of the sowings and make a list of all the land that has been sown both with wheat and with other crops and of the names of the public cultivators and cleruchs who have sown each kind, so that nothing be done to defraud the most sacred Treasury by the laographi or finance officials, since you yourselves will share the risk with them if any villainy or irregularity be brought to light, no pretext with regard to the collection being left to you touching the identification (of the crops) ; and moreover send in a duplicate of the survey-list which you make. The 5th year of the Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Pius Felix Augustus, Mecheir 9.

papyrus 230

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