Select Papyri, 2.217


Greek text:   CPHerm 119 ( SPP 5.119 )   Fr 3rp
Date:   A.D. 267.

The Emperor Caesar Publius Licinius Gallienus Pius Felix Augustus to Aurelius Plution greeting. You did well and properly, in view of his orphanhood, to take thought for the boy and write to me concerning him. The duty of justice as well as the matter of your request urges me to grant the favour readily. For was it not fitting that he should obtain it with ease, a boy of such descent, whose parents were Asclepiades and a daughter of Nilus, men once famous in athletics ? Therefore let Aelius Asclepiades also called Nilus be exempted from all services and offices and public duties, in order that for the sake of his ancestors' prowess he may enjoy my benevolence.

papyrus 218

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