Select Papyri, 1.95A


   Greek text:   PMich 1.55 
Date:   240 B.C. 

For a discussion of this letter (not in the original collection), see J.Modrzejewski, "The Jews of Egypt: from Rameses II to Emperor Hadrian", p.57 ( Google Books ).

Philon to Zenon greeting. If you yourself and those whom you wish to be so are in good health, it would be well. I too am keeping well. Please make a serious effort to settle the matter about which my brother Ptolemaeus has sailed up to see you, in order that he may return to me quickly and that I shall not be prevented from sailing up if I need to; for I must be off from here shortly. I wrote to you once before about Hermocrates, as I had heard that you were exerting yourself to help him, and had myself informed him of this, and I really think that he will be set free in a few days. Several other people put themselves to trouble on his behalf, but the most effective was Caphisophon son of Philippus the physician. The written report of the inquiry, which acquits him of all the charges, is already in the hands of Dositheus the memorandum-writer {hypomnemographos} in order that the king may read it before letting him be released, as this is the regular procedure. For the rest be prepared to receive a visit from myself shortly. And of things at home, even if it troubles you to keep watch on my place .  . .

{Addressed}   To Zenon, Philadelphia. 

papyrus 96

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