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Greek text:   PGrenf 1.21
Date:   126 B.C.

The 44th year, Pauni 9, at Pathyris, before Asclepiades the agoranomus. Dryton son of Pamphilus, Cretan, one of the diadochi and belonging to the reserve, hipparch over men, being sound of body, sane and sensible, has made the following will. May it be mine to own my property in good health, but if I should suffer the lot of man, I bequeath and give my property in land and movable objects and cattle and whatever else I may have acquired, first my war-horse and all my armour to Esthladas my son by my former wife Sarapias daughter of Esthladas son of Theon, of civic rank, in accordance with the laws and with the will which has been made through the record-office at Diospolis Parva before Dionysius the agoranomus in the 6th year of the reign of Philometor, which will besides the other matters which it sets forth appointed as his guardian (?) . . . being a kinsman, and of the household slaves I give him 4, whose names are Myrsine and her 3 children (?) - but the remaining two females, whose names are Eirene and Ampelion, I give to Apollonia and her sisters, being 5 in all - also the vineyard site belonging to me at . . . in the Pathyrite nome and the wells therein of baked brick and the other appurtenances and the cart with the harness and the dove-cote and the other half-finished one and a yard of which the boundaries are, on the south waste grounds of the said Esthladas, on the north a vaulted room of Apollonia the younger, on the east waste ground of Petras . . . son of Esthladas, on the west waste ground of Esthladas up to the door opening to the west. The remaining rooms and fixtures and . . . and the waste ground assigned for a dovecote down beyond the door of Esthladas and to the west of the vaulted chamber I give to Apollonia and Aristo and Aphrodisia and Nicarion and Apollonia the younger, being 5 in all, my daughters by my present wife Apollonia also called Semmonthis, in accordance with the laws, and they shall own the 2 female slaves and the cow in equal shares for their households, according to the division which I have made. Esthladas shall give up from the waste ground given to him opposite his door which opens to the west 4 square cubits for the site of an oven. Of the remaining buildings and waste grounds at Diospolis Magna in the Ammonium and in the potters' quarter Esthladas shall receive half and Apollonia and her sisters half, and of all my other property in corn and money contracts and all movable objects each party shall take half. Esthladas and Apollonia with her sisters shall provide funds in common for the building of a dove-cote on the site assigned until they finish it; and to my wife Apollonia also called Semmonthis, if she stays at home living irreproachably, they shall give every month for 4 years, for the maintenance of herself and for her 2 daughters, 21/2 artabas of wheat, 1/12 of croton, and 200 copper drachmas; and after 4 years they shall give the same amounts in common to the two younger daughters for 11 years. They shall give to Tachratis for a dowry 12 copper talents out of the common funds. Whatever property Semmonthis may have manifestly acquired for herself while living with Dryton, she shall continue to own, and anyone who takes proceedings against her abo ut this . . . Year 44, Pauni 9.

papyrus 84

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