Select Papyri, 1.66


Greek text:   PCairZen 59001 L.26-56
Date:   273 B.C.

In the 12th year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy, in the priesthood of Leontiscus son of Callimedes, in the month Peritius, at Pitos in the Memphite nome. Dionysius son of Apollonius, Gazaean, in the service of Dinon, has lent to Isidorus, Thracian, of the troop of Lycophron, holder of 40 arourai, 34 drachmas of silver, this being the price of the Crown corn, on interest at the rate of 2 drachmas each month on each mina. Isidorus shall repay the loan to Dionysius in the month Artemisius of the 13th year with the interest. If he fails to repay in the stated time, he shall forfeit one and a half times the amount of the loan, and Dionysius shall have the right of execution upon the property of Isidorus and that of his surety, making exaction in whatever way he chooses as in respect of debts to the Crown. Surety of Isidorus for payment to Dionysius of the loan and all the liabilities of the contract: Demetrius son of Damon, Thracian, of the troop of Lycophron, part-holder with Damon (?) of forty arourai. This contract shall be valid wherever produced by Dionysius or by the person to whom Dionysius transmits it. Witnesses : Bithys, Thracian, holder of 110 arourai, Tereites, Thracian, holder of 40 arourai, Hebryzelmis, Thracian, holder of 40 arourai, Poseidonius, Thracian, holder of 70 arourai, Zipyrus, Thracian, part-holder with Bithys of 60 arourai, Dionysius, Thracian, holder of 60 arourai, all belonging to the troop of Lycophron. Keeper of the contract: Bithys.

{Acknowledgement by Bithys}   I have received the contract, being valid.

{Endorsed}   Contract with Isidorus concerning 34 drachmas.

papyrus 67

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