Select Papyri, 1.63


Greek text:   PRyl 177
Date:   A.D. 246.

Loan of 1920 drachmas. Aurelius Melas son of . . . and of Teeus, aged about 60 years, with a scar on the middle finger of his left hand, and Aurelius Silvanus son of Chaōs and Tanechotis, aged about . . years, with a scar on the . . . finger of his left hand, both of the village of Magdola Mire in the district of the Lower Suburb, to Aurelius Sois son of Chaus and . . ., of Hermopolis, greeting. We acknowledge that we have received from you by hand out of your house a loan at interest of one thousand nine hundred and twenty silver drachmas, total 1920 silver dr., which we will repay to you on our mutual responsibility on . . . of the current 4th year of the Marci Julii Philippi Caesars and lords Augusti with no delay. For the security and repayment of this sum we herewith mortgage to you in accordance with this deed the half share which we own jointly and equally of a new house and courtyard in the said village and of all its furniture and appurtenances and entrances and exits, formerly the property of Pekusis of the said village, the boundaries of its whole area being on the south the house of Teres son of Menches, on the north . . ., on the east a street by which is the entrance and exit, on the west the homestead of Phoebammon son of Tryphon. The mortgaged half share of the house we will keep unalienated and uninvolved until we make repayment or distraint is made on us, as aforesaid, you having the right of execution upon us or upon whichever of us you choose, since we are mutually responsible for repayment, and upon all our property and upon the mortgage itself, as if by legal decision; and we will guarantee it with every guarantee against both public and private claims and all claims whatsoever, the debts which one of us, Aurelius Melas, owes to you remaining valid; and in answer to your question whether this has been rightly and fairly done we have given our consent. The 4th year of the Emperor and Caesar Marcus Julius Philippus Pius and of Marcus Julius Philippus the most noble and eminent Caesar, Augusti, Thoth 4.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Copreas also called Eudaemon, have written for them, as they are illiterate.

papyrus 64

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