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Greek text:   PGrenf 2.68
Date:   A.D. 247.

Aurelius Petosiris son of Petosiris, grave-digger, of the city of Hibis, to Aurelius Petechon son of Tmarsis, of the village of Kusis, greeting. I acknowledge that I give to you by gift inalienable and irrevocable, for the goodwill which you have shown me, a fourth share in the grave-digging business belonging to me in Kusis together with the villages of Kusis from now for all time; and it shall not be lawful for me or any other of my family to take action against you regarding this gift, because I have so resolved. This deed of gift, made in one copy, shall be valid and guaranteed as though deposited in a public registry, and in answer to the formal question I have given my assent. The 5th year of the Emperors and Caesars Marci Julii Philippi Pii Felices Augusti, Choiak 25.

{Signed}   I, Aurelius Claudius son of Psenamounis have read it over. I, Aurelius Petosiris the aforesaid, have made the gift as aforesaid and in answer to the formal question I have given my assent. I, Aurelius Philinus, called also Theognostus, wrote for him at his request. I, Aurelius Philosarapis son of Apollonius, witness. I, Aurelius Ammonius son of Psais, witness.

papyrus 51

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