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Greek text:   POxy 1038
Date:   A.D. 568.

The 3rd year of the reign and consulship of our most godlike and pious master Flavius Justinus the eternal Augustus and Imperator, Mesore 2, 1st indiction. To Flavia Euphemia, the honourable daughter of Musaeus of honoured memory, landowner at this illustrious city of Oxyrhynchus, through you, Flavius Anastasius, her respected steward, and you, Jeremiah, her admirable rent-collector, from Aurelius Stephen, baker, son of Heraclammon and Nonna, of the said city, greeting. I voluntarily undertake to lease from the 1st of the month Thoth of the (D.V.) 2nd indiction, from a house in your honour's property, facing south, situated in this city in the quarter of St. Euphemia, a complete room on the ground floor, also facing south, with all appurtenances and rights attaching to all the house, and I will pay for it an annual rent of ten carats current coin, total 10 car. current, which rent I will deliver every year, one half every six months, and whenever you wish I will surrender the possession of the room just as I received it. This lease, written in one copy only, is valid, and in answer to the formal question I have given my consent.

{Signed}   I, Stephen son of Heraclammon, agree to the present lease as stated above. I, John, have written for him at his request, as he is illiterate

{Subscribed}   Executed by me, John.

{Endorsed}   Lease of Stephen son of Heraclammon, of Oxyrhynchus, at a rent of 10 carats current coin.

papyrus 48

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