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Greek text:   PGrenf 2.87
Date:   A.D. 602.

In the name of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour, in the 20th year of the reign of our most godlike master Flavius Mauricius Tiberius the eternal Augustus and Imperator, on the 28th of Pachon, beginning of the 6th indiction, at Hermopolis in the Thebaid. The Aurelii John son of Phoebammon and of Stephanos and my sons Menas and Psa, purple-dyers, of Hermopolis, to my lord a the most pious elder and master flax-worker, son of Victor, of the said city, greeting. We acknowledge that we have jointly received and accepted from your worship by way of advance for our craft of purple-dyeing five gold solidi less six carats each on the Hermopolitan standard, total 5 gold sol. less 30 car., on condition that we remain with you and be attached to your factory and work for you at our craft of purple-dyeing on the work of the present 6th indiction from the commencement to the completion of the process and that for every solidus less six carats we dye for you the contents of 225 bundles, ourselves providing the tools for these, without any delay or dispute or lawsuit or judgement, and that we cannot leave the work being done for you until the completion of your business; if we do so, on each solidus less six carats we shall pay you by way of fine six carats in addition to the repayment of the said advance, though in any case we receive from you on one day each week two folles for each bundle, and this at our own peril and out of our own property of every kind. The present deed is valid and guaranteed, and in answer to the formal question we have given our consent.

{Signed}   We, the Aurelii John son of Phoebammon and Menas and Psa my sons, the aforesaid, have made this deed as above. I, Aurelius John son of Theodorus, of Hermopolis, have written for them at their request, as they are illiterate. I, Colluthus son of Victor, by the grace of God . . .

{Endorsed}   Acknowledgement of an advance in the 6th indiction of 5 gold solidi less 30 carats made on behalf of John son of Phoebammon and Menas and Psa, of Hermopolis.

papyrus 24

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