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  Greek text:   PGiessen 2  
Date:   173 B.C. 

The translation of this contract, which was not included in the original collection, is taken from  J.Rowlandson & R.S.Bagnall, "Women and Society in Greek and Roman Egypt: A Sourcebook", no. 126 ( Google Books ).

In eighth year of the reign of Ptolemy son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, gods Epiphaneis, in the priesthood of Heracleodorus son of Apollophanes for Alexander and the gods Soteres and the gods Adelphi and the gods Euergetae and the gods Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis and the gods Philometores, when the athlophoros of Berenice Euergetis was Sarapis daughter of Apollonius, and the kanephoros of Arsinoē Philadelpus was Aristocleia daughter of Demetrius, and the priestess of Arsinoē Philopator was Eirene daughter of Ptolemaeus; on the seventeenth day of the month Peritius, which was the seventeenth day of Mesore, at Crocodilopolis in the Arsinoite nome.   With good fortune.

Olympias daughter of Dionysius son of Macetas, with her own father Dionysios, a Macedonian of the second hipparchy, a one-hundred-aroura holder, as her guardian {kyrios}, has given herself * to Antaeus, an Athenian of the men under Cineas of the second hipparchy, a one-hundred-aroura holder, so as to be his wedded wife, bringing as dowry reckoned in bronze 95 talents and her slave-girl named Stolis and Stolis? nursling child named [ name missing ], worth 5 bronze talents, making a total of [one hundred] bronze talents.    And let Olympias be beside Antaeus, in obedience to him [as is fitting for a wife] to her husband, managing jointly with him their property; and let Antaeus furnish Olympias with [life?s necessities and] furniture and clothing and all else that befits a [married] woman, both when he is at home and when he is abroad, [according to his means];   and let it not be allowed for him [to introduce] another woman into Olympias? presence or have a concubine or a boy lover {paidikon}, [nor let it be allowed for him to beget children] from another woman in Olympias? lifetime, or to inhabit another [house of which] Olympias shall not be mistress, or cast her out, or insult her [or injure her], or alienate any property to Olympias? [detriment].    If he should be proved to do any of these things or not to supply her with [furniture or clothing] or the rest as [written above, let Antaeus immediately pay back to Olympias] the dowry [and a 50% fine].   [By the same token, let it not be allowed to Olympias] to be absent by night or [by day] from [Antaeus? house without Antaeus?] permission . . .    Apollonius, Macedonian of the men under Cineas in the second hipparchy, one-hundred-aroura holder. Witnesses: Philus, Macedonian; Democratides, Thessalian, both being men under Cineas in the second hipparchy; Diogenes, Cyrenaean, of the men under Diodorus in the first hipparchy, all three being one-hundred-aroura holders; Menophilus, Macedonian, taktomisthos, one of the men formerly under Aristonicus; Alexander son of Horion, Cretan; Sarapion son of Zopyrus, Persian, both of the epigone.

* {Note}: An unusual procedure for a Greek woman; probably due to the influence of native Egyptian customs.

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