Select Papyri, 1.19


Greek text:   POxy 498
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

Copy. To Antonia Asclepias also called Cyria, through her guardian Apollonius, from Aselas son of Alexander and Apollonius son of Amois and of Tauris, both of Oxyrhynchus. We undertake to cut the squared building-stones transportable by camel, to be taken from the northern quarry for the house of you, Antonia, in the quarter of Pammenes' Garden, at the following rate of payment: the outer squared camel stones at 4 drachmas for 16, the inner at 4 drachmas for 20, the antiblemata at 3 drachmas for 100 squared camel stones, oblong corner-stones at 8 drachmas for 16 outer squared camel stones and at 8 drachmas for 30 inner ones, axe-hewn squared camel stones at 4 drachmas for 50 and axe-hewn squared camel corner-stones at 8 drachmas for 50. All the aforesaid stones we will cut, but no ornamentation shall be required of us. Each of us shall also receive for each day that he works one loaf and relish. If the builders need assistance from stone-cutters, we or one of us will assist them, each man receiving 4 drachmas as wages for each day's assistance and each of us likewise one loaf and relish for each day. Until the 22nd of the present month of Epeiph you have the right to transfer to others this contract for cutting the aforesaid squared camel stones from the northern quarry. . . The engagement is valid. Year . . .

papyrus 20

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