Select Papyri, 1.147


Greek text:   PFlor 367
Date:   3rd cent. A.D.

Aurelius Theoninus to the most honourable Didymus greeting. I will not imitate you nor your inhuman letters, but am writing in the old way as Theoninus to Didymus. For though I have often written to you and sent you papyrus for letter-writing to enable you to write to me, you have never deigned to remember me in any way; but evidently your pride in your wealth and the great abundance of your possessions makes you look down on your friends. Now do not behave in this sort towards your brother Theoninus, but write to me more frequently that by means of your letters your friend may be fully informed about your affairs ; for that on every opportunity I make a business of interrogating our visitors about your health, even you are not unaware. I salute our father Souchion.

{Addressed}   To my friend Didymus.

papyrus 148

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