Select Papyri, 1.127


Greek text:   PTeb 315
Date:   2nd cent. A.D.

. . . to his dearest . . . greeting. I sent you before another letter about the 6 robes of Pyrrhus and the 2 cloaks of ..., asking you to send them to me whatever they cost, and I am now writing in haste to prevent your being anxious ; for I will see that you are not worried. Know that an inspector of the lists of the temples' property has arrived here and intends to visit your district also. Do not be alarmed then; for I will help you out. Now if you have time, write up your books and come to me; for the man is exceedingly strict. But if anything prevents you, send them on to me and I will see you through; for I have made friends with him. If you are in any difficulty about expense and at present have no funds, write to me and I will help you out now as I did before. I have made haste to write to you to prevent you from appearing yourself; for I will make him let you through before he comes to you. He has a written authorization to send defaulters under guard to the chief priest. But do not neglect yourself nor forget what I wrote to you to buy for me. If you have any . . ., bring me what you have, as I am in need of them. Goodbye, most honoured friend.

papyrus 128

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