Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 63.957


Greek text:   SEG_63.957 
Provenance:   Klaros , Ionia 
Date:   c. 200-190 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was published with a French translation by P.Debord, in "Revue des Études Anciennes", 115.1 ( 2013 ), pp.5-27.   The Lucanians supported Hannibal against the Romans, and it is likely that Apollonios went abroad when Hannibal finally left Italy. Hannibal himself took refuge with king Antiochos in 195 B.C.

When Apollon was prytanis, in the month of Kronion . . . as recommended by the presidents; since Apollonios of Lucania the son of [D]ion, who is staying with king Antiochos, is a good man and well disposed towards the people, and he offers assistance both publicly to the city and privately to those of the citizens who call on him, and he declares that also in the future he will provide all goodwill and assistance to the interests of the city, as far as he is able; 10 therefore it is resolved by the council to praise Apollonios of Lucania the son of [D]ion on account of his honourable conduct and the goodwill that he has towards the people.  He shall be a proxenos and a citizen of the people of Kolophon, on an equal and similar basis; and he shall be given the right to own land and buildings and to share in all the other privileges that are shared by the other proxenoi and citizens; and he shall be given access to the magistrates and the council and the people, 20 second only to sacred matters, and the right of sailing in and out of the city inviolably and without formality, both in war and in peacetime; these privileges shall be given to him and to his descendants.  This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and placed in the temple of Apollo Klarios; and the presidents who are in office in the month of Artemision shall allot him to a tribe.

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