Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 63.949


Greek text:   SEG_63.949 
Provenance:   Klaros , Ionia 
Date:   c. 190 B.C.
Tags:     leagues
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was published in 2013 by C.Müller & F.Prost, "Un décret inédit du koinon des Ioniens trouvé à Claros"  ( ).  They suggest that ?wars? in line 5 refers to the war of the Romans and their allies against Antiochos III.

It was resolved by the league of the Ionians: since the Kolophonians, who are our kinsmen and share in the sacrifices . . . previously  celebrated the festival at Klaros and the games for Apollo Klarios every four years; and when the wars occurred. . . they joined in performing the sacrifices to the god in accordance with tradition, but they could not perform the festival and the games because of the crisis that was at hand; and afterwards . . . when the god made his epiphany 10 and his residence in Klaros through signs and propitious omens, and oracles from the god were delivered to the Kolophonians, in which these matters were made clear and the god instructed the Kolophonians to hold the festival and the games at Klaros every four years, in accordance with tradition; and the Kolophonians, who are piously disposed towards the gods and wish to obey the utterances of the god and to follow the decisions of their ancestors, are reinstating the festival, held every four years, 20 and the games for the god, in accordance with tradition; therefore, so that the league of the Ionians may be seen always to remain piously disposed towards the divinity, and to join in increasing the honours of Apollo Klarios, with good fortune it is resolved by the Ionians to send a sacred embassy to Klaros every four years, when the Kolophonians hold the festival and the games for Apollo Klarios, and the theoroi who are appointed for this year and those who are appointed  in the future shall come to Klaros, when it is time for the sacrifice, and they shall join with the priest in the procession 30 to perform sacrifices to Apollo Klarios and to Artemis Klaria, as is customary amongst the Kolophonians . . . to take care of the appointment of the theoroi . . . Apollonides . . .

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