Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 60.585


Greek text: SEG_60.585
Provenance:   Azoros , Perrhaebia
Date:   222 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

The recipient of this royal letter, Megalokles, also received the letters in SEG_60.586.

King Antigonos to Megalokles, greetings. I had regard for Nikarchos son of Alkippos, when he was alive, considering him to be worthy of the honours that he received, and yet more, because he unstintingly provided assistance at every opportunity, and on account of his goodwill towards me; and now that he has died, I consider it fitting for me to show concern for his son Asklepiades, the same as I would for any of my kinsmen. The guardianship of the boy, according to the terms of the will left by Nikarchos, of which I have sent you a copy, shall be ceded to his wife Antipolis, as long as she remains in the house and manages everything according to the will of the deceased, but if I perceive that she is using the power granted to her in a foolish manner, I will not permit this, but I will attempt to come to the aid of the boy, just as if I myself had been left as the guardian of the household. Asklepiades shall continue to have the privileges that Nikarchos previouly received from us, and the household shall be free from taxes until he becomes an adult. You also should take care that they suffer no wrong from anyone. Farewell.   Year 8, 9th day of Xandikos.   I have written the same message to Damason.

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