Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 58.1220


Greek text: SEG_58.1220 ( ILabraunda_134 )
Provenance:   Labraunda , Caria
Date:   c. 220 B.C.
Tags:     democracy ,   freedom
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was discovered at Labraunda in 2002, and was published by S.Isager & L.Karlsson in 2008 ( PDF ); the translation below is taken from their article, with a few minor changes.   There is a thorough discussion of the inscription by D.Aubriet, "Olympichos et le sanctuaire de Zeus Labraunda" ( ).

For another translation of this inscription, with commentary, see CGRN_150 .

. . . with all . . . and let the same honours [be valid] for his [descendents] as well. A bronze statue of him shall be set up in the [sacred agora in the] most conspicuous place. Also, a five cubit tall [bronze statue] of the People shall be set up, crowning the [statue] of Olympichos. On the base shall be written: "The People crowns [Olympichos] son of Olympichos as a benefactor."   And in front of the statue shall be founded an altar [for him] in white stone [similar to the one] for Maussollos in the sanctuary of Zeus [Labraundos]. In his honour a procession and an offering shall be arranged [every] year on the 14th of the month of [(?) Apellaios], the day on which the People regained its [freedom] and democracy. The offering for him shall consist of two [bulls], and on [this] day the priests, the victors in the games [with a prize of crowns], and all the magistrates will share in the feast. The [priests shall take care] of the offering and the banquet, and the [treasurers provide] the expense from the common revenues. A truce for all [shall be in force] for three days. [The citizens and] all the others shall come together [wearing garlands during] these days. He shall [also] be praised in hymn [during] the quadrennial Taureia in the same way as for [the city] founders. It shall be proclaimed at the gymnastic games for [Zeus Osogo that] the people crowns Olympichos son of Olympichos as [a benefactor] of the city with the gold crown [and a statue in bronze for his virtue] and his benefactions [towards it. To ensure that] it will be apparent [to all] how the people [of Mylasa honours] its benefactors, [and in order to commemorate him] this decree shall be inscribed [on stone steles and one] of them placed [in (?) the sanctuary of Zeus Labraundos].

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