Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 56.703


Greek text:   Melet_22.EA.11
Provenance:     Dion , Macedonia
Date:   (?) 291 B.C
Tags:     land_ownership ,   royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription, found at Dion, was previously thought to date to the end of the 3rd century B.C., but M.Hatzopoulos ("La Macédoine", 2006, pages 88-89) has shown that it is more likely to belong to the reign of Demetrios I, and therefore it is probably connected to the foundation of Demetrias in 293 B.C.   Bizarrely, because the Greek text of the inscription has never been published, this English translation has had to be made from Hatzopoulos' French translation, which in its turn was made from a photograph of the inscription.

King Demetrios to (?) Ladamas, greetings. I have completed the delimitation of the territory of the citizens of Demetrias and those of Pherai, as they had entrusted to me. I have therefore sent you a copy of the demarcation performed in the year . . . and the position of the boundary-markers. So take care to inscribe it on a stele that you should set up in the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus. In year 16, the twelfth day of the intercalary month.

From Gomation in the direction of Gigasion, a boundary-marker in the land near the place called Iolkia; and turning towards Eulyka, the boundary-marker furthest from Eulyka . . .

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