Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 51.1056


Greek text:   SEG_51.1056
Provenance:   Asklepieion , Kos
Date:   242 B.C.
Tags:     inviolability ,   pirates
Format:   see key to translations

No doubt the inhabitants of Kos were particularly keen to get the agreement of the Cretan cities to the inviolability {asylia} of their temple, because of the Cretans' reputation for piracy - see for instanced Souza, "Piracy in the Graeco-Roman World", pp.68-69 ( Google Books ).

Translated by K.J.Rigsby & K.Hallof, Chiron 31 (2001), p.337 ( Google Books ). Note that the first two decrees were sent as letters; this was a distinctive practice of the Cretan cities - see P.Ceccarelli, "Ancient Greek Letter Writing: A Cultural History", p.365 ( Google Books ).

[The kosmoi and city of Istron to the council and] people of Kos, greetings. Since you sent [to us as theoroi] Charippos, Dion and Platon, [who proclaimed the] sacrifice and festival [happening] for Asklepios and asked [us to accept the sanctuary] of Asklepios on Kos as inviolable; [for good fortune], the city [of Istron] votes [to accept as] they ask [the sacrifice and] festival and truce, [and the sanctuary] of Asklepios [is to be inviolable] by [Istronians and those living] in Istron. This decree [is to be inscribed in the] prytaneion in the [most visible place; (?) ten staters are to be given to the] theoroi for sacrifice.

The kosmoi and [city] of Phaistos [to the magistrates] and city [of Kos], greetings. Since [the Koans, having sent theoroi], ask us to accept the inviolability [of the sanctuary of Asklepios and the sacrifice and] the other things which . . . ; . . . [that the sanctuary of Asklepios] be [inviolable] by Phaistians [and those living in] Phaistos; for good fortune, [the sanctuary of Asklepios] on Kos [is to be inviolable by Phaistians [and those living] in Phaistos. This decree [is to be inscribed in t]he sanctuary] of Pythian Apollo; ten staters [are to be given to the theoroi as] honorarium.

[The kosmoi] and people [of Hierapytna have voted]: inasmuch as [the Koans, who are friends to the people] of Hierapytna, [sent to us as] theoroi Charippos, Dion and Platon, [who proclaim] the sacrifice [and festival and truce] for Asklepios and [ask that the sanctuary] of Asklepios [be] inviolable; [for good fortune], the Hierapytnians vote [to accept the sacrifice], and the sanctuary of Asklepios [is to be inviolable as] they ask. [This decree] is to be inscribed [in the in the sanctuary] of Asklepios; [(?) ten staters] are to be given to the theoroi [for sacrifice].

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