Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 48.588


Greek text:   SEG_48.588
Provenance:   Delphi
Date:     289 B.C.
Tags:     exiles ,   oaths ,   treaties-kings
Format:   see key to translations

The Greek text of this inscription was published by F.Lefèvre, BCH 1998, pp.109-141 ( Persée ), along with a French translation. The war between Demetrios and Pyrrhos, which is assumed to be context of the treaty, is described by Plutarch ( Pyrrh_7 ). Before the beginning of the treaty, there are traces of another document, but it is too fragmentary to establish its content.

F.Lefèvre interpreted the words that are translated here as "those who share citizenship with the Aetolians" to mean "those who share in the the Aetolian federation". Unfortunately the surviving portions of the inscription do not make it clear exactly what this relationship was: see E.Mackil, "Creating a Common Polity", page 359 ( Google Books ).

15 [Treaty between king Demetrios and the Aetolians. The peace] and alliance between king Demetrios, [and his allies, and the Aetolians, and those who share citizenship] with the Aetolians, [shall be valid] for five years from the month of A... . . . Each of them shall [retain] the possessions that [they happen] to have [now, and there shall be arbitration about the land] that is disputed [between the Aetolians and the] Acarnanians; [the (?) Acarnanians] shall inhabit . . . the Aetolians in this territory 20 . . . the Agraioi shall [retain] the territory beyond [(?) the river Acheloös. The temple of Apollo in Delphi shall continue] to be shared by all the Greeks, and the Amphictyons [shall assemble (?) for their meeting {pylaia} and for the Pythian games] according to ancestral custom, [(?) so as to take care of sacred matters].

[It shall not be possible within the five years for the Aetolians or those] who share citizenship with them [(?) to make an alliance or peace in any way with any of the enemies of king Demetrios;25 in the same way,] king Demetrios shall not publicly or [privately agree other treaties in opposition to the Aetolians. The] exiles from Herakleia shall receive the produce from . . . dwelling wherever they wish . . . allies of king Demetrios . . . wherever they wish except in (?) the territory of Oiantheia 30 . . . [the (?) citizens of Oiantheia] shall receive the produce from their own property in the territory of Oiantheia . . . shall receive the produce of their property in the (?) territory of Oiantheia; [if anyone (?) has a dispute about these matters, they shall be prosecuted and] bring prosecutions against each other in the (?) law courts.

The boularchs {"council leaders"} [and the hipparch and the secretary and the (?) other magistrates of the Aetolians shall swear the oath] about the peace, [which is written below,] and for the remaining years of the peace [the (?) magistrates in office shall swear the oath; 35 similarly king Demetrios shall swear] the same oath.

[Oath of king Demetrios.   I swear by Zeus, Gē, Helios, (?) Ares, (?) Athena Areia, and] all gods and goddesses, that I will abide [by the peace, which I have made with the Aetolians and those] who live as citizens [in Aetolia], for five years from the month [of A... . . . as the (?) Macedonians reckon, which is . . . as the Aetolians reckon] . . . Within the five years [I will neither make] war [against the Aetolians] myself, nor permit anyone else to make war against them, but I will maintain the peace,] if the Aetolians [(?) and those who share citizenship with them] abide by the [alliance and the oaths].

40 [Oath] of the Aetolians.   I swear by Zeus, Gē, Helios, [(?) Ares, (?) Athena Areia, and all gods and goddesses, that I will abide by] the peace, which I have made with king [Demetrios (?) and his allies] . . .

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