Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 37.668


Greek text:   SEG_37.668 ,   CIRB_979
Provenance:   Nymphaion   &   Phanagoreia , North Coast of Black Sea 
Date:   (A) 100-80 B.C. ,   (B) 17 B.C.-8 A.D.
Tags:     saviours
Format:   see key to translations

A is the only surviving evidence that the title king of kings was given to Mithridates during his lifetime; the title was highly symbolic, because of its association with the Achaemenid kings.  The other evidence for his use of the title is B, a later inscription in honour of his granddaughter Dynamis. Both inscriptions were found near the Cimmerian Bosporos.

The significance of Mithridates' use of the title has been discussed by L. Ballesteros-Pastor, "Notas sobre una inscripción de Ninfeo en honor de Mitrídates Eupátor, rey del Ponto" ( Persée ); he dates inscription A to the time of the First Mithridatic War, but E.A.Molev, in "Mithridates VI and the Pontic Kingdom", page 322 ( PDF ) suggests an earlier date, soon after Mithridates gained control of the Bosporan region.  

[A]   [  The (?) people of Nymphaion ] honours the [great] king of kings [ Mithridates ] Eupator Dionysos, the [saviour and] benefactor [of (?) the Nymphaians], who has conquered [ (?) the Scythians ], [on account of his] achievements and on account of [his (?) goodwill . . .]

[B]   The people of Agrippia honours queen Dynamis Philoromaios, daughter of the great king Pharnakes, the son of the king of kings Mithridates Eupator Dionysos, their saviour and benefactor.      

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