Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum: 19.504


Greek text: SEG_19.504
Provenance:   Gorgippia , North Coast of Black Sea
Date:   67 A.D.
Tags:     slaves
Format:   see key to translations

As the start of this document makes clear, Neocles was a member of the Jewish community within the Bosporan kingdom during the reign of Rhescuporis I, who was king from about 67 A.D. until 90 A.D. The document is dated by the local Bosporan era, which began in 297 B.C.

To god the highest, omnipotent and blessed, in the reign of king Rhescuporis Philocaesar Philoromaeus Eusebes, in the month of Daesius, year 364; Neocles son of Athenodorus sets free, by Zeus, Gaia and Helios . . . with the assent of Athenodorus son of Athenaeus, my father; therefore they shall remain untouched and unmolested by any of my heirs; and they may take themselves wherever they wish, because I have made a valid instruction.

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