Royal Correspondence: 6


Greek text:   Priene_133   ( OGIS_12 )
Date:     c. 285 B.C.
Tags:     arbitration

In this letter, Lysimachos responds to a decree of Priene of which a large part has survived ( OGIS_11 ).

[A]   [King Lysimachos to the council and] the people [of Priene], greetings. Your envoys, Antisthenes [and his colleagues], came and delivered to us your decree and themselves congratulated us upon our health and that of our "friends" and the sound condition of the military forces and the civil administration throughout the whole land, and in accordance with the contents of the decree declared the good-will which the people have toward us and the fact that, when we wrote ordering you to obey the general (?) Sosthenes, the people obeyed with enthusiasm and in no way were alienated from our cause although their land was ravaged by the Magnesians . . . and the soldiers acting with them. [Since then we wish to exercise care for] all [of you in common and each one] individually, and [since we consider it] to our interest [that you should be friendly to us] as you have been before, [we grant] as [your envoys] requested . . .

letter 7

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