Royal Correspondence: 5


Greek text:   Didyma_19   ( OGIS_214 )
Date:     288/7 B.C.
Tags:     accounts+inventories
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Seleukos had consulted the oracle at Didyma many years before he became king ( App:Syr_56 ), and his great generosity towards the temple of Apollo also helped to maintain good relations with the city of Miletos; see J.Fontenrose, "Didyma: Apollo's Oracle, Cult, and Companions", pp. 16-17 ( Google Books ).

When Poseidippos was stephanephoros, and the stewards of the sacred treasures were:

kings Seleukos and Antiochos made the offerings written in this letter.

King Seleukos to the council and the people of Miletos, greetings. We have sent to the sanctuary of Didymaean Apollo, as offerings to the Saviour Gods, the great lamp-stand and cups of gold and silver bearing inscriptions; they are under the escort of Polianthes. When he comes, then, do you take them, with good fortune, and deposit them in the sanctuary, so that you may use them for libations and other uses in behalf of your health and fortune and the safety of the city, for which I wish and you pray. Carry out the written instructions of Polianthes and dedicate the objects sent you and perform the sacrifice which we have enjoined on him. Aid him in seeing that things are done properly. I have written the list of the gold and silver vessels sent to the sanctuary so that you may know the type and the weight of each one. Farewell.

List of the gold vessels which were sent:

Total weight of gold vessels, 3248 drachmas 3 obols.

He {Polianthes} brought also a sacrifice for the god, 1000 sheep and 12 steers.

letter 6

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