Royal Correspondence: 41


Original text:   Tralles_8   ( I.Tral. 17 )
Date:     c. 201 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Tralles was a city near Ephesos, and adopted the name of Seleukeia in the third century B.C.   Welles attributed this letter to Antiochos III, but others have suggested Achaios or Eumenes II as the writer; see P.Thonemann, "Hellenistic Inscriptions from Lydia", page 101 ( PDF ).

[King Antiochos to the council and people of Seleukeia], greetings. Aristeas [and the other envoys from you have handed over to us the decree] which you wrote, [and they spoke in accordance with] what was written in the decree, [requesting . . .] the boundary divisions [in the reign] of Antiochos . . . [(?) to remove] the one-tenth tax [. . . and we wish on account of both the gods and] yourselves to do everything [beneficial to you . . .] in Apollonia with the [. . . (?) we have released you from paying] the tenth of . . . into the royal treasury . . . we have written to the strategos Themistokles [that . . . he should attend to what] has been written and . . .

letter 42

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