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Greek text:   Labraunda_2   ( I.Labr. 43 )
Provenance:     Labraunda , Caria
Date:   267 B.C.
Tags:     leagues
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This is the first surviving decree passed by the Chrysaorian League in Caria, and shows that at this time the region was part of the Ptolemaic empire.

In the nineteenth year of the reign of Ptolemaios, son of Ptolemaios, on the sixteenth day of the month of Daisios, when the Chrysaoreis [from] the cities were gathered at . . . in assembly; as proposed by (?) Syskes of Mylasa, the son of . . . son of Thyssos; since Apollonios of . . . the son of Diodotos, who was appointed by king Ptolemaios to be oikonomos, continues to be incorruptible and irreproachable, and is always keen to provide assistance; and gives judgement on (?) local matters to the best of his ability; and does not summon any of the Chrysaoreis [on any matter] contrary to justice; and does not bring a charge against anyone contrary to [justice, (?) bearing in mind] above all the rights that king Ptolemaios has granted to the Chrysaoreis, as the embassies from the king [have (?) testified to him]; and he manages everything in a fitting manner; [therefore it is resolved by the Chrysaoreis] to praise Apollonios on account of his virtue and the goodwill that [he has continually shown] towards king Ptolemaios and towards the Chrysaoreis . . .

inscription 33

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