Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 190


Greek text:   Samos_55    ( IG )
Provenance:   Samos 
Date:   c. 306 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The 'good news' mentioned in this inscription was probably the victory of Demetrios in the battle of Salamis. The League of Islanders instituted Demetrieia games at about the same time; see Inscription 75. To ensure the success of their games, the Samians put on a performance by one of the most famous actors of the day, but his fees were notoriously high; see E. Csapo in "Brill's Companion to the Study of Greek Comedy", p. 118 ( Google Books ).

For Polos of Aigina, son of Sosigenes.

It was resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by Demaretos son of Demeas: since Polos of Aigina, son of Sosigenes, in previous times has continually been well-disposed and zealous concerning the city, and now, when the people voted that we should hold Antigoneia and Demetrieia games upon the good news {euangelia}, and our envoys met with him, he agreed to act in front of the people for a lower fee, and he has taken the money raised from the theatre, but has left the rest of the money for the city, just as the people asked him; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people to praise Polos for the virtue and zeal that he has shown towards the people, and that in return he shall receive the same good care from the people; and that he shall be granted citizenship on an equal and similar basis, and he shall be allotted to a tribe and a 'thousand' and a 'hundred' and a clan, and he shall be enrolled in the same way as the other Samians; and he shall be a proxenos of the people; and he shall have the right of sailing in and out of the city, both in war and in peacetime, inviolably and without formality; and if he requires anything he shall have access to the council and the people second only to sacred and royal matters; and he shall be granted privileged seating at all the games that the city holds; and these privileges shall be both for him and for his descendants; and Polos shall be crowned in the contest of the tragedians at the Dionysia, and the agonothete shall take care of the proclamation along with the demiourgos. This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and placed in the temple of Hera; and the secretary of the council shall take care of the allotting and the inscribing.   He was allotted to: tribe Chēsieis, 'thousand' Oinōpes, clan and 'hundred' Helandridai. 

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