Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 144


Greek text:   IScM_3.7
Provenance:     Kallatis , west coast of Black Sea
Date:   c. 253 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The military campaign of Antiochos II in Thrace has been suggested as the context for this decree by A.Avram, "Antiochos II Théos, Ptolémée II Philadelphe et la mer Noire" ( Persée ). His reconstruction of events assumes that Antiochos II was allied with the cities of Kallatis and Istros; but Istros was attacked by Ptolemy II, the enemy of Antiochos, and Apollonia then sent Stratonax to help the Kallatians by interceding with Ptolemy, to bring an end to the war against Istros. The evidence for the campaign has been reviewed, unfortunately without reference to Avram's article, by J.Iliev, "The Campaign of Antiochus II Theos in Thrace" ( PDF ).

. . . of our city, [he offered] to provide [all possible zeal] and effort in achieving [better] things for the city; [and when the dangers and misfortunes in the city did not] lessen, he did not shirk [either expense] or suffering, [but also promised] to the people that he would perform what [was needed by the] city; and when king . . . 10 received a request from both the Bithynians [and the] . . ., that he should put an end to the war that had already arisen against the Is[trians], he was sent out as envoy, and acted strenuously and zealously and outspokenly to achieve justice for the city; therefore, so that the people may be seen to give appropriate honour to noble men who show goodwill towards the people, and to praise for these matters the people of Apollonia, because it has a man who eagerly assists 20 in achieving the safety of the Kallatians, and to praise Stratonax son of Lygdamis; it is resolved by the council and the people to announce to him that when its affairs have been restored to their original condition, the people, retaining the good disposition which it has continually had [towards] the public welfare, will pay due attention to the good deeds that have been done for it. The generals shall send a copy of this decree 30 to the magistrates of Apollonia, and shall ask them to [inscribe] the award of praise in the temple of Apollo, choosing the most appropriate place. The king and Stratonax shall be [invited] to the prytaneion. The standing committee {probouloi} who are in office in the month . . . shall indicate a place in the [temple of the Samothracian gods], in which the stele . . . may be set up. 40 [The treasurer shall] provide [money for the cost that occurs].

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